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Best Designs in Fireplaces and Stoves

Best Designs in Fireplaces and Stoves
When it’s cold and dark outside, how cozy it is to snuggle in front of a crackling wood stove or fireplace. A combination of comfort, design and performance, they come in all styles and are found in contemporary to traditional to country homes. Here is a quick overview to inspire us!

This XXL fireplace has a contemporary style. The flames create a warm atmosphere that envelops the room. The juxtaposition of white and grey tones adds a touch of elegance. A little extra touch is the painting above the fireplace … a perfect place to relax!

Fireplace - Contemporary style


This ultra-designed wood stove has an impressive height and is a decorative element in itself. The addition of the imaginative and practical storage rack allows wood to be kept close at hand.

Ultra-designed wood stove


Embrace the calm and serenity as you warm up in this little corner of the room. The space is defined by a tiled floor with wood, a shovel, broom and clips placed here and there … a real country feel!

Calm and serenity


Half-country, half-contemporary, this fireplace is the focal point of the room. We love the combination of wood and cement plus the ample room for storage. It’s a warm and comfortable place to relax … we’re coming over!

Half-country, half-contemporary fireplace


Here, the space and volume of the fireplace creates a colourful and contemporary atmosphere. It looks like an impressive piece of furniture and easily heats this large room. We love the glass walkway that maintains the feeling of space and light. We can only dream…!

Fireplace - Colorful and contemporary


Very inviting Finnish style around the centre fireplace. Simplicity and sobriety for this huge cottage. The heat from the wood is reflected from floor to ceiling. The chandeliers add a pleasant and elegant touch.

Finnish style around the centre fireplace


Here’s a fireplace idea with two possibilities: one side as a living room and the other side as a romantic escape. The two sides cleverly provide heat throughout the large room. A little extra touch is the plant that enhances the effect of well-being.

Fireplace idea with two possibilities


This room is sober but elegant with a fireplace simply placed in the mantle. The atmosphere is more rustic and ultra-comfortable thanks to an oversized chair. We love the various elements that make up the room, especially the huge clock … an invitation to tea!

Room sober but elegant with a fireplace simply placed in the mantle


A very natural setting that features the fireplace as its main focus, with two eye-catching storage areas. The clean lines and two green armchairs enhance the shades of white and wood.

Fireplace with two eye-catching storage areas


Aesthetics and design are key for this all-glass fireplace. This central element will be admired from all sides. Chrome and glass are combined for a striking effect.

All-glass fireplace


Today, thanks to new techniques, fireplaces can be found in all styles and set the tone for a room like a piece of art!




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