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Decorating and Kids: Make the Right Choices

Decorating and Kids: Make the Right Choices

Keeping your carpet in pristine condition when you have kids is just as unrealistic as expecting to sleep in on a Saturday morning. Because your little rug rats are sure to leave a path of destruction in their wake, we are sharing some decorating options that should be avoided – along with some alternate solutions!

A Sofa as White as Snow

Yes, white sofas are trendy but they will never survive the battle against markers, paint, food, etc. The trick for combining stylish decor and kids is to opt for sofas in dark tones and heathered fabrics, which will make spills and stains less noticeable. Use lighter and brighter colours for the accent cushions, as they are less expensive to replace. Another smart option is to cover your sofas and chairs with fabric that is used in outdoor furniture – it is more durable and easy to wash.

Avoid the latest design trends…

Sprucing up your living room with a beautiful glass coffee table is a poor choice if you have young kids. Instead of constantly cleaning fingerprints off the glass, why not opt for retro or antique furniture? The scratches and chips from your kids’ activities will only add to the charm of your furniture, which probably already has a few dents and scratches here and there.

… And Chairs Covered in Fabric

If you have kids, it’s impossible to avoid stains on kitchen chairs if they’re covered in fabric. For chairs that are both practical and aesthetic, Lara Spencer, creator and host of the American TV show Flea Market Flip on HGTV, recommends covering fabric chairs in… cloth shower curtains. With one quick wipe, life’s little accidents will be easily forgotten! And while this idea is not exactly what comes to mind when we imagine our dream home, it’s an excellent choice when you realize that shower curtain fabrics now come in a variety of stylish and trendy designs!

A lovely dining room, but definitely not child-friendly…

Decorating and Kids: Make the Right Choices - 2

Wool rugs

It’s best to keep your beautiful wool rugs rolled up in the basement until your children are old enough. Instead, use carpets that are designed for outdoor use as they are easy to clean, or carpets that are made of ultra-resistant natural fibers, such as a seagrass carpet.

A solid oak table or counter

Marks left by scissors, paint or glue are par for the course when your kids create their arts and crafts masterpieces… Instead of subjecting your wood table or counter to this treatment, parents who like the warmth of natural wood can always cover their surface with a sheet of metal. The combination of wood and metal will create an industrial look, which is very trendy right now and much more aesthetic than a plastic protector.




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