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Real estate… It’s not a kids’ game

Real estate… It’s not a kids’ game

Buying or selling a home is becoming an increasingly complex transaction. By teaming up with a real estate broker, you’re stacking the odds in your favour for a successful transaction.

A broker offers the best visibility in real estate

Involving a real estate broker in the sale of a property significantly increases the pool of potential buyers. The vast majority of consumers still turn to a broker when buying or selling a home. In fact, more than 7 in 10 properties in Québec are sold by a real estate broker. By listing your home with a broker, you obtain visibility on and with the Centris® collaboration network, which provides access to nearly 13,000 real estate brokers and their buying clients. Recent data also show that since August 2015, is the most-visited website dedicated exclusively to real estate*. You will therefore benefit from unparalleled visibility, which increases the odds of selling your home on your terms and with peace of mind.

Real estate… It’s not a kids’ game

A reliable partner from start to finish

Thanks to their training, their experience and the technology tools at their disposal, real estate brokers are able to determine a fair selling price for your home, which will contribute significantly to selling it within a reasonable time frame, while making the most of your transaction.

By using a real estate broker, you are not alone. You are teaming up with a professional who is governed by a code of ethics, a law on real estate brokerage and strict collaboration rules that aim to protect the rights of buyers and sellers.

A broker is not simply a salesperson. Brokers are experts who accompany their clients in the biggest transaction of their life. To sell your home, it is not enough to simply have an interested buyer. There must be a relationship of trust with a real estate professional who secures the transaction and reduces the risks.

If you’re a buyer, your broker will assist you in evaluating your needs. Furthermore, your broker will be present during the inspection of the home and will provide invaluable help in understanding the inspector’s report. In addition to answering all of your questions, your broker will negotiate in your best interest, perform all the required follow-up relating to the fulfillment of conditions, and will act as an intermediary for the sending of documents to the bank and the notary. Finally, your broker will accompany you to the signing of the documents formalizing the transaction. It would be difficult to replace this level of support!

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*According to comScore data, monthly average, August 2015 to July 2016, unique visitors, in Québec.

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