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The Kitchen of the Future has Arrived!

The Kitchen of the Future has Arrived!

Is it your significant other’s birthday? Are you thinking of having a dinner party to mark the occasion? Your kitchen is at your service! There’s no need to ask someone to help you plan the meal or organize the kitchen tasks – your kitchen counter will take care of that!


Kitchen of the Future - Kitchen conter

Place your food on the counter and see what it will recommend…

Product/user interactivity is at the heart of industrial innovations today, as several giants in the manufacturing sector and the new technology sector are collaborating in order to create objects whose only goal is to optimize the user’s experience.

Such is the case with the new kitchen counter that Ikea plans to launch in 2025. Featuring a smart-touch surface, the counter will be able to identify and weigh the food that a user places on the counter, as well as provide menu ideas using these ingredients. This marvel can even present only those recipes that fit with the amount of time you want to devote to preparing the recipe.

Kitchen of the Future - Product/user interactivity

… And if it helped prepare your dinner?

In addition to these features, some smart counters also come equipped with a cooking surface that is able to interact with the user. For example, there’s the Whirlpool induction cooktop, which can detect the dish you are preparing and adjust the power and temperature of the flame.

Kitchen of the Future - Smart-touch surface

Also designed for fun

These surfaces can also come equipped with other entertaining features. One feature offered by the manufacturer Toncelli on its counter top allows you to connect to social networks, share your culinary achievements and watch your favourite show on Streaming TV.

Kitchen of the Future - Cooking surface

And what about waste?

The smart features of tomorrow’s kitchens even extend to the last step of your tasks – recycling!

Dedicated to responsible consumption and the environment, today’s industry leaders are proposing a waste sorting system that can identify the components of each container that is discarded.

Kitchen of the Future - Waste




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