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Top 10 Bathroom Floor Options

Top 10 Bathroom Floor Options
Even though tiles are still a popular choice for bathroom floors, there are now several other options available, including parquet, vinyl, porcelain, concrete, as well as pebbles that can create a stylish, warm, natural or zen effect. Available in a variety of patterns and colours, today’s flooring options are not afraid of humidity, are not slippery and can be cleaned in a flash!

1. Polished concrete

This material is very stylish, and adds a touch of elegance and authenticity in today’s bathrooms. Here, this surface is paired with a walk-in shower and wooden ceiling. We love the jets on this shower, which contribute to the room’s overall sense of relaxation and well-being.

Bathroom Floor Options - Polished concrete


2. Vinyl

The vinyl floor sets the tone in this bathroom, with its Portuguese-styled appearance. Soft, warm, waterproof and durable, vinyl can be installed everywhere. We particularly like the blue and black pattern. The retro bathtub and the chair that doubles as a place to store towels are also a nice touch.

Bathroom Floor Options - Vinyl


3. PVC

PVC flooring is an excellent choice for this elegant and contemporary bathroom, as its spacious size really makes the floor stand out. Durable, non-porous and easy to clean, this PVC floor imitates a light coloured wood and is further enhanced by the oval bathtub.

Bathroom Floor Options - PVC


4. Porcelain stoneware

This original-looking room features a porcelain floor, which provides a compact, durable and non-slip surface. The look in this bathroom is reminiscent of an exotic holiday to the islands of the Indian Ocean, and successfully marries a variety of materials such as wood, stone and concrete. We particularly love the height of the sinks and full-length mirrors.

Bathroom Floor Options - Porcelain stoneware


5. Parquet

The wood floors in this bathroom make it feel airy and bright. The different faucets and accessories further set the tone. Parquet, a natural and hypoallergenic material, adds warmth and comfort to the room. The overhead lighting and inviting chair also add to this beautiful space.

Bathroom Floor Options - Parquet


6. Cement

The floor of this bathroom successfully combines a modern touch and a retro look. Solid and durable, cement tiles have a unique look thanks to their patterns. This white room is further enhanced by splashes of colour that have been added here and there.

Bathroom Floor Options - Cement


7. Pebbles

Very natural materials are the highlight of this spacious and elegant room. We like the combination of the pebbles on the ground with the stone walls and marble bathtub. There is also a clever game of transparency in play here, thanks to the glass shower walls and mirrors.

Bathroom Floor Options - Pebbles


8. Stone

This clean and sophisticated bathroom relies on the harmony of colours that are contained in the purplish and grey stone floor. The plain but refined look provides a touch of originality, as the sink and storage area also appear to be carved from stone.

Bathroom Floor Options - Stone


9. Marble

This Scandinavian-inspired decor features marble flooring, which is soft, resistant and easy to clean. The marble floors make the room look shiny and inviting. By combining it with touches of wood, this adds a feeling of warmth and authenticity.

Bathroom Floor Options - Marble


10. Concrete and stone

A raw and simple look for this calming room. The marriage of concrete and stone enhances the room’s natural feel, while the slate sink and walk-in shower also add a beautiful touch. The tiles have been treated with an anti-slip covering for additional safety. The wood ceiling also adds to the relaxing feeling of the room.

Bathroom Floor Options - Concrete and stone


As you can see, there are many options available for bathroom floors. They have become an integral feature in today’s washrooms due to their stylish and creative variations that provide a sense of well-being.




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