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Transform Your Urban Terrace!

Transform Your Urban Terrace!

With the arrival of summer, it’s time to give this often neglected outdoor space in the heart of the city an original and welcoming new look. With a little bit of creativity, balconies and terraces can be transformed into whatever you want: an urban garden, a Zen living space or simply a welcome respite.

No matter the surface, there are a thousand and one ways to fix up this sunny spot … let’s look at some of the options!

Relax on this balcony bathed in sunshine. Here, the focus is on accessories: throws, cushions and rugs for a cozy look and Scandinavian accent. A style reinforced by the slatted floor and a few well-placed plants.

Urban Terrace - 1


Almost a terrace, a large balcony designed along simple lines: a table for two, a few plants and an umbrella for protection from the sun. A welcoming and pleasant oasis to spend time away from the hustle and bustle. We like the wood slatted floor for walking barefoot.

Urban Terrace - 2


A roof terrace with a swimming pool for this property. It combines wood and stone materials in an unusual location. Lots of charm for this cozy space with its many plants.

Urban Terrace - 3


This small balcony with its brick wall is reminiscent of the industrial style. A place to enjoy the outdoors when summer comes. Some essential items to make it feel comfortable: a rocking chair, table and a few plants.

Urban Terrace - 4


A bohemian look for this terrace in the heart of the city. Geometric lines, bright colors, a daring mix. We love the daybed and wooden cable coil used as a table, originality at its best. An added touch: azulejo ceramic tiles in the form of a carpet.

Urban Terrace - 5


A balcony that is a true living space. The comfort and warmth of wood combined with tiled floors. We like the driftwood and glass table and the various plants hung on the wall like paintings. A chic and visually-appealing atmosphere!

Urban Terrace - 6


The turquoise of this small balcony gives off a summer feeling. A colourful spot to relax and complement with flowers. The outdoor carpet and white lantern are a nice touch so that the balcony can be used at any time of the day during the season.

Urban Terrace - 7


A well-designed city terrace. Both aesthetic and practical, enjoy outdoor dining with ample room thanks to the outdoor kitchen. The hedging creates a living wall and matches the natural green carpet.

Urban Terrace - 8


Beautiful blend of green and brown for this small balcony that feels like a separate room. A chic effect for a modern, warm atmosphere. All of the practical essentials are here: table, chair and reading area. An added touch: cone-shaped baskets filled with flowers.

Urban Terrace - 9


This country terrace is really a town garden. Whether eating or relaxing, it gives the feeling of being in the country. We love the retro look of the wrought-iron furniture and wood flooring that enhances the effect of nature.

Urban Terrace - 10


All these styles create a green space, an oasis in the city, to enjoy outdoor living in the summer.




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