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Why Choose a “Green” Home?

Why Choose a “Green” Home?

More and more people are choosing to live in a healthy and environmentally friendly home. This is no longer a passing fad, but has become a necessity. Here are a few ideas about what it means to live in a “green” home.

What is an environmentally friendly home?

It is a comprehensive approach that includes all of the parameters relating to a home’s environment. This approach takes into account the orientation of the sun, the choice of building materials, the installation of equipment and even the distances required for transportation.

Respect for the environment

Industrial pollution, deforestation, climate change, our energy consumption and our household waste all have a negative impact on our health and on the health of the planet. There are several solutions available to remedy this situation, including having an environmentally friendly home.

For your health and well-being

Because of the many benefits associated with a “green” home, new construction and renovation projects are turning to environmentally friendly solutions that are economical, healthy and accessible. These solutions provide residents with a clean and comfortable living environment, in addition to long-term energy savings.

Lasting quality

It should be noted that an environmentally friendly renovation or construction will have a longer lifespan, as the materials used are more resistant and more durable. You can combine renewable and proven raw materials such as wood, straw, limestone or stone with new technologies such as solar panels, smart heating systems, etc. It’s a great way to be in tune with the planet while increasing the value of your home.

How do you achieve a “green” home?

If it’s a new construction, the lot and its orientation must be taken into account. The materials used must be efficient, biodegradable and must not produce toxic fumes. Be sure the house is well-insulated and takes into account inertia. The heating system must use renewable energy. The house can also be equipped with a rainwater recovery tank, as well as a home automation system for energy optimization and comfort.

Who is a “green” home for?

In Québec and elsewhere in the world, builders and architects have a mission to democratize environmentally friendly homes. Indeed, the challenge today is to offer a healthy, environmentally friendly home to as many people as possible, at a reasonable and affordable cost. Ingenious ideas are popping up everywhere: rainwater recovery systems, use of natural light, etc. Some people are now adding plugs for an electric car into their garage.

How much does it cost?

We must start by thinking differently and consider the fact that daily energy consumption costs will be much lower in a “green” home. In the long term, a house that is purchased at an additional cost of 10 to 20% will very quickly pay for itself. In addition, the property will have a “green” value, which is increasingly popular in the housing market.




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